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Oxiplexx Cabin Length Serum 250 ML

Oxiplexx Cabin Length Serum 250 ML
Ø It contains soy, wheat, silk and corn proteins.
Ø Restores the proteins lost by chemically treated hair.
Ø Fills defective areas; Since it does not roll completely, the hair continues to take air.
Ø With the first application, hair strengthens and adds volume to the hair.
Ø It supports reduction of breaks and breaks as a result of increased strength. . It provides visible shine and elasticity.
Ø Provides the moisture balance of the hair, opens the color pigments and makes the color and reflections come to the fore.
Ø It is free from contents such as sulfate, sodium and para I. (pH 3,5)
Ø Max. 3 pumps, max. For short hair. Put 2 pump products. Spread the product you will buy by dipping the tip of your finger into the bowl and feed it with the help of massage to the hair that you separate in thick tufts.
After the application of Ø No 3, we will dry the hair warmly and slowly.
Ø After drying process, a blow dryer will be taken at normal temperature.
Ø To be able to activate the product thoroughly in the hair, with the help of a straightener, apply the product several times at 160 degrees and lock the product.
Ø Tongs or straighteners can be used even on frayed hair tips
Ø It is an UNRESTROWABLE product on the hair.

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